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i stole from :iconlunasgrayeyes:

1. Think you can handle the love questions on this quiz?
sure why not

2. OK, for starters, are you in love with someone right now?
if I wasn't what is the point in this quiz

3. Have you ever been in love?
does right now count

4. If your not in love, stop taking this quiz right now. If you are, with who?
:iconkhionexiovi: <~ this lovely lady right here

5. Your current relationship status
^ taken by that lovely lady up there

6. How much or how little are you in love?
It's hard to say, since I've never really been in love before. But I'd like to say a lot :D

7. Ever had a boy/girlfriend?
these questions seem to be getting redundant
but yeah

8. Ever plan on getting married?
[magic conch shell voice] maybe someday

9. Last person you kissed?

10. Last person you hugged?
my mom i think?

11. If you were locked in a room with someone you loved, what would you two do?

12. Ever experienced love at first sight?
eh, I don't think so

13. When do you think about your love the most often?
idk, probably when I'm in bed wishing she was there to cuddle me

14. Honestly, does your love know you're in love with them?
I would assume so. 

15. If your love died or moved away, how would you react?

16. Would you ever want to marry him/her?
[magic conch shell voice] maybe someday

17. Ever thought of having kids with him/her?
maybe. it'd have to be adoption tho

18. List all the people you've ever been crushing on.

19. List all the cartoons you've ever been crushing on.
Professor Sycamore (pokemon)
Medic (TF2)
Emmeryn, Chrom (fire emblem awakening)
Asami (legend of korra)
Link (legend of Zelda)
Mordecai (regular show)
Karliah (skyrim)
...that's all i can think of atm. Funny how i find more fictional guys attractive than real guys

20. List all the celebrities you've ever been crushing on.
Adam Lambert

21. Last person of the opposite sex (besides family) you thought about?
my friend i saw lego movie with

22. Most embarrassing moment in front of your current love.
i make so many typos on skype like omg
some aren't even typos
like i one wrote "new spice" instead of "old spice"

23. Are you a boy or a girl?
I'm a gal

24. Are you in love with a boy or girl?
a lovely lass

25. Most romantic moment you've experienced.
oh i dunno
we live like 3 hours away from each other so it's hard to do stuff
i just love talking to her. and hearing her voice. <3

26. Ever lost some one you loved? (besides family)
Do friends count?

27. Ever had your heart broken?
I suppose, but nothing too serious

28. Was this quiz too personal

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Hello!! Welcome to the Rangers! :iconthe-da-ranger-group: :highfive: :hug: We're happy ta have ya in the club!! ^___^
Ninjacat234 Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconharothar: says your :iconfabulousplz:

He liked your Zelda. xD
Hm, I don't know who that is...
But thank you!
ArtsyAlchemist Oct 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist

How's Detrot coming along? I was probably gonna post Autumn on here as soon as I got my scanner working.
ArtsyAlchemist Oct 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ALSO: the lyra song I was talking about [link]

It's kind of dark, but damn catchy.
I just realized that so far, all my pony drawings are pegasai. derp XD.

Time to fix that.
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